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As one of the global leaders in coreboard development and production, Corex supplies superior-quality coreboard to core and tube manufacturers in many industries. Our products cover the entire grade range – from the lowest ply bond grade all the way to the strongest coreboard grades available on the market.

This means that Corex coreboards can be used to create an astonishing array of products. You will find high-quality Corex coreboard in light-weight cores used for tissue paper, aluminium foil, fibreglass, plastic foil, and tape label. Our higher grade coreboard is commonly used in heavy-duty cores in the paper and board industries as well as in textile and yarn applications.

We dig deep to reach the core of your business.

It is our total dedication to working with our customers to find the right solution for their business which truly sets us apart from the competition. Our customers know from experience that they can count on the quality of our products to help ensure the quality of theirs. Furthermore, they also count on us to do much more than that. We use the newest technology and decades of experience to find the perfect type of coreboard for each individual customer.

We are there for you.

In an increasingly global landscape, we have found that the best way to serve our customers around the world is to be there for them. Literally.

Having local presence in the markets where we operate helps to deepen our understanding of our customers´ business, which in turn enables us to provide the best possible service.