Cores and tubes

Cores and tubes

The cores and tubes segment includes a wide range of end uses, including tapes and labels, textile, metal, paper and board, plastic films, and construction. Each end use segment has its own specific needs when it comes to the quality and usage of the coreboard. Corex offers a full range of coreboard, from the lowest grades for light cores to the most stringent specifications used in heavy cores.

Why choose Corex:

Corex produces all kinds of coreboard to meet the needs of each segment, from 200 joules all the way up to 1000 joules. The consistent quality of all Corex products and services has helped us to retain our position as one of the global industry leaders for decades.

Our expertise in producing cores and tubes for different end uses includes a deep understanding of the demands put on coreboard. Armed with this knowledge, we have carried out extensive research and development in board-making. With two coreboard mills, Corex is a forerunner in both volume and quality. As an agile partner, we are able to produce tailor-made board designed to best meet each customer’s specific needs. Having multiple board machines also helps to ensure reliable deliveries and contributes to our customers’ peace of mind. We aim for long-term partnerships with our
customers and focus on providing them with the best solution for their business.


  • High and consistent quality
  • Strong board-making expertise
  • Continuous improvement practices
  • On-time and accurate deliveries
  • Sharing best practices


  • Flexibility
  • ISO certifications
  • FSC certification for traceability of raw material
  • 100% recycled board
  • Dedicated sales and customer service team always at your service
  • Full technical assistance for trials and whenever needed

Long-term commitment

  • Corex is your long-term partner striving to find the optimal solutions for your business
  • Our owners are committed to investing in and developing the business