Working with you.

Core Audit™ is something you do not find anywhere else. It is a structured and effective method for ensuring that our customers will benefit from an optimised process when using our cores. By gaining insight into your needs and those of your end customers, we are able to deliver the right product for you. The key to success is a seamless cooperation between the customer´s and Corex´s team.

How does it work?

A Core Audit™ begins with an in-depth assessment of the customer’s needs. Then we analyze the entire process – from the moment an order is placed to the delivery of the cores and their end use. This also means asking a lot of questions in order to understand the entire process. After all, the “why” questions often shed light on more important issues than “what” questions. The result is an optimised process that brings value to the entire supply chain. We also work to streamline the communication process.

Core Audit™ is divided into the following steps:

Data and information gathering:
Our expert team spends a whole day talking to the key people in your organisation in order to truly understand your needs and way of working.

Once we have gathered all the necessary information, we work together with you to decide upon the optimal Corex core, find ways to improve the processes, enhance communication, and reduce waste.

We adjust the existing processes according to the agreed changes, and follow up on them to ensure that they bring the expected benefits.

Continuous improvement:
Our philosophy is to continuously improve together with our customers. Throughout the customer relationship, the Core Audit™ is a valuable tool that grows and adapts along with each customer’s needs.

Core Audit™ is our registered trademark.


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