Corex completes acquisition of Arteche Paper in Portugal and Spain

On 20 February 2023, Corex, part of VPK Group, announced that it had entered into an agreement to acquire Arteche Paper, producer of coreboard, cores and edge protectors in the Iberian market.

With the acquisition of Arteche Paper, Corex further expands its geographical footprint with a coreboard mill in Porto and five converting plants in Porto, Tolosa, Valencia and Barcelona. The integration creates a strategic, geographical axis for supplying renewable raw materials from Corex's coreboard mill in Finland through Belgium to southern France and Portugal. With the acquisition of Arteche, Corex's network now includes four paper mills and 29 processing sites.

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VPK Packaging Group completed the transaction to join VPK’s core division Corex and Corenso’s European and Chinese businesses

In May 2019, VPK Group completed the transaction to join VPK’s core division Corex and Corenso’s European and Chinese businesses, expanding its presence into Finland, Spain and China. The combination of two strong portfolios of trusted brands and innovative solutions will offer customers an answer to the global demand for cardboard cores and tubes.

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Corex Poland expanding

Due to the continious growth of our location in Swiecie an expansion of the current plant was necessary. It will allow Corex Poland to support their existing and new partners even more. On top of the expansion of the plant additional investments in new machinery were also made.

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Acquisition of Tupak Packaging by Corex

Tupak Production BV, manufacturer of luxury paperboard cores and composite cans has been taken over by Corex, the cores and edge protection division of the VPK Group. By doing so, Corex will enter the fast growing consumer packaging and composite cans market. The activities of Tupak Packaging, the distribution division, will continue to exist independently.

Consumer Packaging web

Corenso UK relocates to a completely refurbished building in Hindley Green

Corenso acquires Mandriladora Leiza in Spain, a manufacturer specialised in lightweight cores.

Further investment in Germany by Corenso. A new in-line multi-knife cutter is installed.

New production line installed in the Corenso Foshan plant in China, to manufacture parallel wrapped seamless cores for the flexible packaging industry.


Corex Turkey moves to a new location

Corex Turkey, located in Bursa (Turkey), has started production in February 2013 in a location of 4.300 m². Today, 4 years later, we can serve a wide range of cardboard tubes with internal diameter from 35 mm up to 750 mm to the market on our existing machinery. In order to allow further growth of our business, it was decided to move to a new building within the same industrial park. In April 2017, we have started to produce our high quality cores / tubes on the new location having a shopfloor of 6.500m². Our local team is confident to further expand the business in the next few years based on the corporate Corex values of working closely together with our customers by offering tailor-made solutions and creating long term value.

Corex Turkey new building

Corenso Poland moves to a brand new and bigger site in Sosnowiec

Corenso Germany completes major investment program, a new state-of-the-art drying and testing equipment in installed to allow simulation of a broad range on environmental conditions

Corenso acquires a core plant in Richmond, Virginia (USA)

A new Corenso core plant is established in Suzhou, in Jiangsu province of China. The new facility produces the highest quality seamless and textile cores


Madison Dearborn Partners – a Chicago-based private equity investment firm – acquires Powerflute and Corenso.


Corex US LLC starts up as greenfield in Unites States of America

Corex US LLC afbeelding

Corenso completes significant improvement programs in the US and in Germany, and multiple other targeted investments in various mills and plants.


Corex Nederland has commissioned its building extension enabling better services to its customers.

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Powerflute – a fast-growing paper and packaging company – acquires Corenso.


Corex Turkey Ambalay Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim Serketi was founded with a location in Bursa.

Corex location turkey

Corenso upgrades and relocates its Imatra core plant, now situated within Stora Enso´s mill area.

The Finnish Corenso core plant, in Loviisa, goes through efficiency improvements.


Corenso´s Finnish board mill increases its usage of recycled fibre in its operation from 90 to 100%.


Corenso improves its capabilities in the UK and German core plants.


Corex closes its production facility in Denmark.


Corex starts up a greenfield in Germany and Romania.

Corex Romania building

Corenso executes another greenfield project to enter the Polish market.

The Corenso Wisconsin plant is being rebuilt.


Corenso expands its Chinese operations by establishing a core plant in Foshan (greenfield project).


In September the 10 core companies in the VPK Packaging Group came together under one label. All the companies now bear the name Corex. VPK Packaging Group sells its 50% interest in Fionia and sets up Corex Denmark.

In February four companies were taken over from the French Abzac group, namely the tube companies in Luxembourg, Poland, the Czech Republic and Norway. This acquisition further confirms VPK Packaging Group’s leading position in Northern, Western, Central and Southern Europe.


Corenso acquires Mertens, a core producer in Germany.


VPK Packaging Group cores division expands by taking over Deva Cores in the UK.


Corenso acquires the Bäckefors and Mohed core plants in Sweden.


VPK Packaging Group takes over Davrain in France.

VPK Packaging Group acquires the remaining 50% of the shares in Depauw nv.

Corex location france

Corenso enters the Chinese market via a 51% ownership in Hangzhou (Shanghai area).

Corenso acquires four core plants in the UK.


VPK Packaging Group takes over the cores company Cartonnage Industrie Holland Almelo of Wierden (NL).

Corenso enters the North American market by acquiring a board mill and a core plant in Wisconsin Rapids.

Corenso acquires a core plant in Edam, the Netherlands

Corenso established a minority ownership in the core plants in Spain and Canada.


VPK Packaging Group acquires 100% of the shares in Alltube.

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Core converters are acquired in the Corenso plants in Krefeld, Germany and Tolosana, Spain


Corenso achieves full ownership of the UK plant.


Corenso United is established with locations in Finland: Loviisa,
Imatra, Varkaus, Pori, France: Soustre and Castelnau, and a jointly
owned plant in the UK: Milton Keynes.


VPK Packaging acquires a 50% interest in Depauw nv.

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