With increasing and encouraging regularity, corporate sustainability is appearing on the radars and agendas of companies around the world. Corex recognizes the growing relevance and urgency of global environmental, social and economic challenges. We see how sustainability issues affect the bottom line and are looking beyond traditional business and financial factors to map out our priorities and strategies.

Being part of the VPK Group we get the full support of a dedicated team in order to develop our sustainable strategies. We clearly see the benefits and opportunities of embracing corporate responsibility, growth from “green” innovations and interest from an investment community that –more and more– considers sustainability factors, such as sound environmental stewardship, social responsibility and good governance, in calculating a company’s long-term value.

Our products, cores and edge protectors made from recycled paper, fit into a deep anchored belief in a sustainable circular economy. Regular energy audits within the different Corex plants and installing solar panels with a capacity of 691 MW in Corex Belgium are only some examples of what we think that matters. Contributions to community initiatives are coordinated on VPK Group level. Approximately 150 000 Euro per year is donated on group level.

The Corex company delivers long term value in financial, environmental and ethical terms, in doing so we comply with the VPK business ethics and code of conduct.