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Edge protectors

Corex produces an extensive range of edge protectors, which offer optimum protection for your goods. Length, flap width and thickness are totally attuned to your needs. Personalisation with your company name or logo is also possible.

Our edge protectors meet all your requirements to guarantee sound packaging of your goods. The dimensions of the flaps (thickness and width) are always determined by your application. With large runs we can print the outside with your logo or company name. For use in a humid environment, we can provide edge protectors with a moisture-resistant finish.

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1. Stability

The use of vertically positioned edge protectors will protect your goods during transport and handling. This prevents any marking by strapping material or fill.

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2. Edge protection

The use of horizontally positioned angleboard will support your goods and will avoid damage caused by strapping material.

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3. Strapping protection

The use of short edge protectors will avoid your products being marked or damaged by strapping material.

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4. Box reinforcement

The stacking capabilities of boxes can be improved by using edgeboard inside the box.