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Culture at Corex

It is the people who define the culture.

We encourage our team members to share their thoughts in an open and low-hierarchy environment.
We value people with entrepreneurial mind-set and can-do attitude who enjoy working in an international company with colleagues around the globe.

Read below what Mikael and Oguz have to say about their experience with us!


Mikael Svensson, Director of Cores Nordic

"In 1989, when I was working as a Paper Mill Manager at Billingsfors Papermill, my former manager called to ask if I was interested in working as a Production Manager at Bäcke Emballage AB, where he was Managing Director at the time. The first spontaneous answer was a ´No´ as I thought that cores cannot be as exciting of a product as paper was. At that time I did not know anything about the core business. After some more discussions I finally accepted the offer, and I must say that I have never regretted the decision.

During the 1990s, I was Production Manager for the 3 core plants in Sweden: Bäcke, Mohed and Svensk Pappersindustri (today called Scandicore). Apart from the ongoing business in Sweden; I was called in to manage the relocation of a core plant in Canada and to evaluate a paper machine in Argentina. In 2002, Bäcke and Mohed plants were acquired by Corenso/ Stora Enso and a new period started coming from a family-owned company to a much bigger organization. This change I found a bit challenging in the beginning. When the MD in Sweden retired, I was appointed as his successor. Later I was asked to manage also the Finnish core plants and Cores Nordic has been created. I have also had the inspiring but challenging opportunities to be responsible for the R&D projects, supporting the Polish core plant for a couple of years and more recently there was a special focus on China.

I have always loved very much to work in the core business during all these 30 years. What I have loved most have been the opportunities to travel and learn about the different business and leadership cultures. It is always rewarding when you can see a change to the positive after the challenges. During the years I have got quite many offers for other positions especially in the paper and converting business, but I have always come to the same conclusion of wanting to stay in the core business.

Corenso has since 2019 a very good industrial owner: VPK Packaging Group, and this will develop our business even further. I would absolutely recommend this workplace to anyone who is interested in the core and tube business. There are good possibilities to grow for the right person and a lot of learning opportunities."

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Oguz Seref, SAP project Manager

"I joined Corex in 2015, with an academic background in business administration at Bachelor and business information management at Masters level.

My first role at Corex was as a Key User/Tester for SAP integration projects and from there it has evolved into SAP Project Management. This steep professional progression is one of the key advantages of working at Corex. My progress would have not been possible without my managers, with whom I always have had wonderful professional and personal relationship. They have always supported me and have given me opportunities to grow in diverse domains.

The constant emphasis on progress is one of the most attractive aspects of the professional environment and culture here at Corex. In these past five years I was always assigned to a new project related to either business growth or business excellence which has kept the work experience exciting and motivating.

Working for Corex is the perfect opportunity for anyone who would like to improve their personal growth under the guidance of competent and supportive management."