Tissue and toweling

Tissue and towelling

The tissue and towelling industry is broadly classified into two categories: “At home tissue paper,” which is also known as consumer tissue and “Away from Home (AfH) tissue paper”. The quality requirements for the cores used to produce these types of products vary greatly, but Corex’s coreboard offering covers the entire spectrum.

Why choose Corex:

Cores literally play a central role for tissue paper manufacturers, and Corex has a long track record in delivering only the highest quality coreboard for tissues. The continuous and reliable supply of coreboard to this industry makes Corex a key player. Whether you are looking for thinner board for 2-ply or multiply tissue cores or a special grade for 1-ply tissue cores, Corex has the right product for you. We have developed a range of tissue and towelling board through design, innovation, and the research and development of chemicals and fibre qualities.


  • Corex provides optimised board properties to match the customers´ glue and core winding
  • processes in order to achieve maximum production speed and efficiency
  • Board with high bulk and yield, which guarantees value for money
  • Cores can be easily and precisely cut without dust or the contamination of the end products


  • High and consistent quality
  • Strong board-making expertise
  • Continuous improvement practices
  • On-time and accurate deliveries
  • Sharing best practices


  • Back-up supplies possible thanks to our global presence
  • ISO certifications
  • FSC certification for traceability of raw material
  • 100% recycled board
  • Dedicated sales and customer service team always at your service
  • Full technical assistance for trials and whenever needed

Long-term commitment

  • Corex is your long-term partner striving to find the optimal solutions for your business
  • Owners are committed to investing in and developing the business