Greyboard is used in various applications. Among others, the board can be used in edge protectors, corrugated boxes, and honeycomb structures or as sheeted material in diverse end uses. Different applications usually require different board properties when it comes to for instance density and smoothness of the board or accurate moisture and thickness profiles. Whatever the end use might be, Corex has the right quality to offer.

Why choose Corex:

Corex has the technical expertise and products to meet your varying needs. We have modern and technologically advanced board machines in France and Finland. We do everything for our customers: our dedicated sales and customer service teams always work to satisfy your demand. The consistently positive results of our customer service surveys show that our customers agree. We truly want to be your first choice.

End use areas

  • Edge protectors
  • Pallet sheets
  • Writing pads
  • Partitions / divisions
  • Corrugated packaging
  • Honeycomb structures
  • Laminated / polycoated sheets


  • High and consistent quality
  • Strong board-making expertise
  • Board with high bulk and yiled, which guarantees value for money
  • Continuous improvement practices
  • On-time and accurate deliveries
  • Sharing best practices


  • Flexibility
  • ISO certifications
  • FSC certification for traceability of raw material
  • 100% recycled board
  • Dedicated sales and customer service team always at your service
  • Full technical assistance for trials and whenever needed

Long-term commitment

  • Corex is your long-term partner striving to find the optimal solutions for your business
  • Our owners are committed to investing in and developing the business