Film, foil and flexible packaging

Corex produces cores intended for winding foils, films and flexible packaging materials for industrial and consumer packaging as they are extruded or finished.

We supply a complete range of tubes with internal diameters from 20 to 254 mm, depending on the application or any customer required dimension. The tubes are always cut dust- free to the required length.

The composition of the cores and the finish of the outer layer is determined by the application. For delicate and sensitive films the outer layer can be seamlessly smooth. For films intended for the food industry, the outer layer can be provided with barrier material. For other applications a self-adhesive coating can be applied to the outer strip : this facilitates winding start up.
For more information on the subject, see special finishes.

The critical physical properties, such as crush resistance and radial crush are tested in our own labs.

No matter the nature of your material or its application, Corex will produce the right core for you with the greatest care.


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