Spiral wound tubes and cores

corex® has a complete range of spiral wound cardboard tubes and cores for the most diverse applications. We produce the appropriate tube or core exactly for your needs and specifications, with diameters up to 635 mm and wall thicknesses of 1 to over 20 mm. We can precisely cut the tubes to any finished length up to 12,000 mm, free of dust and burrs. If required we can also supply in longer lengths to be cut by the user.

We can provide a variety of special treatments for the exterior finish: a seamless, smooth outer surface, a film covered outer strip, a variety of printing (with company name and/or logo), embossed or self-adhesive outer strip.

Parallel or convolute wound tubes

corex® is market leader in the production of this type of tube, which is characterised by excellent strength over its length. As a result, they are mainly used for coiling textiles, non-woven articles and floor coverings. They are available with or without a flap.

Our range extends from 30 to 120 mm diameter. Lengths up to more than 5,200 mm are standard. Wall thicknesses can be from 2 to 10 mm.

Edge protectors

corex® produces an extensive range of edge protectors, which offer optimum protection for your goods. Length, flap width and thickness are totally attuned to your needs. Personalisation with your company name or logo is also possible.

Our edge protectors meet all your requirements to guarantee sound packaging of your goods. The dimensions of the flaps (thickness and width) are always determined by your application. With large runs we can print the outside with your logo or company name. For use in a humid environment, we can provide edge protectors with a moisture-resistant finish.

Consumer packaging

From round and brown, to personalised and eye catching. From anonymous, functional and protective, to productive and communicative Our added value as a consumer packaging specialist and manufacturer is the sheer range of possibilities we offer.

Your personalised shop window for a stand-out solution, manufactured with care.From foods to cosmetics – from fashion to electronics – from luxury to pragmatic This is what we specialise in, with our main mission being: to spread your message.

You can only make a first impression once, make sure it stands out.
corex® consumer packaging: the specialist amongst specialists.