Whether it's a unique gift, a guilty pleasure, the urge to splurge or a basic necessity, each day we make many purchasing decisions, often in just a split second. The right packaging creates an emotional response that can sway those decisions.

We are passionate about helping our customers create emotion. You design, we create and together we succeed and persuade!

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Core solutions
Closing solutions
Technical solutions
Finishing solutions

Core solutions

Single part core solutions

  • Create your own solution from A to Z based on multiple material options
  • Multiple flavour lock lid solutions available
  • Vacuum sealed to maintain the freshness
  • An inner layer as moisture barrier
  • A customised outer layer as a unique brand billboard
  • From top to bottom: a closing solution of your choice

Multi part core solutions

  • A unique appearance
  • Designed for unique and state-of-the-art products
  • Ideal for premium solutions and brands
  • Available in two or three piece solutions

Closing solutions

Peelable membrane

  • No sharp edges
  • Low force resistance
  • Easy to open
  • Waffled and embossed

Personalised closings

  • Branding from the outside in
  • Continue to connect with your customers the moment they open your product

Dosing and dispensing closure lids

  • Limitless colours to choose from
  • Multiple dispense solutions possible

Metal closing lids

  • An elegant solution to distinguish your unique brand and products
  • Different colours and embossing possible

Plastic closing lids

  • Simple and effective snap-on closure
  • It comes in multiple colours or simply transparent
  • Ideal in combination with personalised membrane


  • The first unique closing solution made from 100% recycled cardboard
  • It helps to reduce your ecological footprint by avoiding plastic coverings
  • It is suitable for every rigid paper container
  • Easy to personalise 


Cores with an alu membrane

  • Standard Ø 73/99/116.7
  • Full pallet orders

Cores with a metal lid

  • Standard Ø 51/ 63/73/99/116.7
  • Full pallet orders

Cores with a printed label

  • Ø 45/50/51
  • Ø 63/73/
  • Ø99/116.7
  • Full pallet orders

2 and 3 piece cores

  • Ø47/50
  • 60/63
  • 70/73
  • 90/92
  • 97/99
  • 115/116.7


Paper types

  • 2 types of paper are available as standard
  • Amber: 120 g paper – for a matte finish
  • Chromolux: 90 g paper – for a glossy finish

Printing possibilities

  • Up to 8 colours
  • Both paper types can be provided with a coating (glossy or matte)
  • UV spot and glossy lamination possible
  • Gold or silver foil solutions

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