Aesthetically pleasing – bringing the unattainable within grasp – a feeling of instant opulence.

With a closed circle, an open mind and our shared creativity, we can produce a winning message through packaging.

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Core solutions
Closing solutions
Technical solutions
Finishing solutions

Core solutions

Single part core solutions

  • Create your own solution from A to Z based on multiple material options
  • An inner layer for extra protection or as a finishing touch
  • A customised outer layer as a unique brand billboard
  • From top to bottom: a closing solution of your choice 

Multi - part core solutions

  • A unique appearance
  • Designed for unique and state-of-the-art products
  • Ideal for premium solutions and brands
  • Available in two- or three-piece solutions

Creative solutions

  • The inner and outer packaging blend as one
  • Open, or protected by a sealed transparent window
  • Extra visual appeal and awareness makes your solution stand out
  • Any shape and design possible

Closing solutions

Peelable membrane

  • No sharp edges
  • Low force resistance
  • Easy to open
  • Waffled and embossed

Personalised closings

  • Branding from the outside in
  • Continue to connect with your customers the moment they open your product

Metal closing lids

  • An elegant solution to distinguish your unique brand and products
  • Different colours and embossing possible

Paper plug

  • The first unique closing solution made from 100% recycled cardboard
  • It helps to reduce your ecological footprint by avoiding plastic coverings
  • It is suitable for every rigid paper container
  • Easy to personalise


Cores with an alu membrane

  • Standard Ø 73/99/116.7
  • Full pallet orders

Cores with a metal lid

  • Standard Ø 51/ 63/73/99/116.7
  • Full pallet orders

Cores with a printed label

  • Ø 45/50/51
  • Ø 63/73/
  • Ø99/116.7
  • Full pallet orders

2 and 3 piece cores

  • Ø47/50
  • 60/63
  • 70/73
  • 90/92
  • 97/99
  • 115/116.7


Paper types

  • 2 types of paper are available as standard
  • Amber: 120 g paper – for a matte finish
  • Chromolux: 90 g paper – for a glossy finish

Printing possibilities

  • Up to 8 colours
  • Both paper types can be provided with a coating (glossy or matte)
  • UV spot and glossy lamination possible
  • Gold or silver foil solutions

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